Our Manifesto

These words mean a great deal to us because it describes our thought process, our perspective of the world. These beliefs are deeply embedded in our DNA. We strongly believe that everyone’s born to do something great, to do big things and to have purpose. 
We are rebels. We work not for wealth or material gains. We work because we love it. We work because it enables us to achieve great things.

Individually, we can do many things, achieving truly great things, however, takes a team that understands your vision. A team that shares your passion. These words are a confession and an invitation at the same time. An invitation for you: our stakeholders, clients, vendors, partners, staffs, and team, to work together in achieving our goal in 2016. 

Our goal is simple. We don’t set any target numbers in revenue or profit, our goal bears more significance and value. This year all we want to do is to make great things, something that we can be proud of. To work our tails off and perfect every project that comes to us. We will host many events this year not because of the money; rather we want to create a lasting memory in life. Everything that we do is based on this foundation. 

So, today we’re announcing our motto, the essence of ANAKPANAH GROUP, in a little video titled “Rebel Creatively”. Yes, the words maybe quite provocative, but it embodies the drive of this company. In everyone’s life, there will come a time when people will tell you to stop pushing yourself too hard, to stop setting your dreams too high, to stop swimming against the current, to stop defying rules. Other times, you’ve been led to accept life as it is, that you are restricted by your circumstances. But that’s not true. That is a very limited life. We believe that everyone’s born to achieve great things, to change the world around them for the better. We find that the world that we live in is in fact run by people that are no smarter than we are. We believe that we can bring impact to this world, to break the mold, to make things better. When you see what we see, you would never see this world as it was. 

There is an inherent need to leave a legacy to the generations below us. Not because we want to be famous, we do it because it’s right. We don’t want to live an ordinary life, it’s just not who we are. We want to be able to put a dent in the universe and write our own piece of history. Yes, maybe we will break traditions and cultures. Inevitably there would be some who will call us crazy, a waste of time, but we won’t hear them. Because we know we’re investing in the right place and going in the right direction. 

The people in our video are our source of inspiration. These people spent their lives breaking the status quo, and challenge the norm. We created this video to honor them and to remind people of their spirit of rebellion. Where most people look at them as rebels, we see heroes because they work not for wealth but rather for their belief. They are heroes because they don’t just rebel. They rebel creatively. 

January 2015,